Landowner’s Guide to Land Donation Available

So little of Illinois remains in a natural state that organizations working for land preservation and conservation must be able to work with private landowners and their heirs to achieve a lasting conservation legacy. To help address questions landowners may have about conservation easements or other donation options for preserving the land for perpetuity, the Friends are pleased to announce the availability of our Landowner’s Guide to donating land.

The full color Guide discusses different types of methods for conveying land to the Friends for protection including donation, donating a remainder interest, donating by will and fee sale. The Guide goes into great detail about donating through a conservation easement.

Completing such a guide has been a long-term strategic goal of the Friends for several years. Much of the publication was produced in an earlier version by the Prairie Land Conservancy, a fellow land trust based in Macomb. With their permission, the Friends were able to use much of the information in their guide, and customized it for the Friends and the Sangamon River watershed. The Friends were fortunate to receive partial funding from the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln to have the Guide printed.

The 32-page Guide is available for free from the Friends. There is also a Landowner Guide Brochure. If you are interested in a copy of the Guide, please call Vern at 525-1410 or send an e-mail to to request a copy. Don’t forget to include your mailing address.