Chainsaw Workshops at Adams Wildlife Sanctuary – Beginner (1pm) & Advanced (10am)


Get ready to volunteer by sharpening your skills at free training workshops. Safety clothing will be available. Bring your own if you have it. Reservations are required for all events; call 217-525-1410. We are limiting participants to 25.

ADVANCED, FELLING & BUCKING 10am-noon, for those who already took a beginner course. You will learn techniques for dropping larger trees.

BEGINNER, ELECTRIC SAWS & SAFETY 1-2pm, if you have a chainsaw and want to know how to use it safely. We will cover chainsaw operation, safety, maintenance, battery-powered saws, and how to cut small trees and shrubs.

Thanks so much for your interest! Hopefully you’ll be volunteering on our work days. But if this is just to hone your skills to work your own, personal restoration project – you’re more than welcome to come!

Thanks to all our members, volunteers and donors who make training sessions like this possible.

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